Scuba Diving in Greece

Most people around the Globe are very well aware of the unique Greek climate, location, history and hospitality. Very few

though, know about the incomparable dive sites. The last few years legislation has changed so today you could be one of the

pioneers to explore the Hellenic underwater world and discover that the new scuba paradise is a 3hour flight away from all

European cities.

Explore Aegean and Ionian Archipelagos and dive in more than 2.000 mapped dive sites.





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Peristera shipwreck


Alonnisos island, Greece

In-Depth Explorer

Vouliagmeni Lake


Athens, Greece

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HMS Perseus

HMS Perseus was one of six Parthian class submarines. Great Britain launched the program to construct these submarine in [...]

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Absolute Destination

Every year more than 25M visitors choose Greece for their summer vacations.

Besides the famous Hellenic gastronomy, the extensive opportunities for sport, leisure and

cultural involvement, the notorious lifestyle, you can also choose among 2.000 already existing

dive sites – and hundreds to be exploited, 3.000 Islands – 240 of them inhabited, 13,676 km of

coastline – the 11th coastline in the world.

* scubahellas.com uses Google maps for the location of the dive centers
** the dive locations are approximate

Dive in History

Live the Dream

Dive in History

Strategically located in the southeastern Europe in a maximum 3 hour flight from most European cities, Greece is one of the newest destinations in the scuba diving family.


Of All Ages


15.000 wrecks | 1.500 registered wrecks | 150 easily accessible shipwrecks
Greek maritime history is the richest globally. Greece is the country with most naval wrecks than any other in the world!

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Explore scuba diving in Greece.
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ScubaHellas made planning our diving trip to Greece a breeze. Their attention to detail and personalized service ensured that we had a seamless and memorable experience. We can’t thank them enough for the fantastic dives and the memories we’ll cherish forever.

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ScubaHellas truly knows the best diving spots in Greece. Thanks to their expertise, we had the privilege of exploring some of the most pristine underwater landscapes. Their dedication to safety and customer satisfaction made our trip a dream come true.

Mark F.

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ScubaHellas provided us with incredible dive instructors who were not only highly skilled but also passionate about marine life. Their enthusiasm was infectious, making every dive an educational and enjoyable experience.

Tomas Sironi

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ScubaHellas takes customization to the next level. They listened to our preferences and crafted a diving package that perfectly suited our group. The flexibility and attention to detail were impressive, ensuring a personalized adventure.

Emma Richards

Safety First

ScubaHellas’ commitment to safety is commendable. Their thorough safety briefings, well-maintained equipment, and experienced dive leaders gave us complete peace of mind, allowing us to focus solely on the beauty of the underwater world.

Bea Huldenberg

Effortless Planning

Planning a diving trip can be daunting, but ScubaHellas made it effortless. They handled all the logistics, leaving us with nothing to worry about except enjoying the incredible underwater landscapes and marine life.

Ahmed Mohamed Al Ghamdi

Unforgettable Memories

Thanks to ScubaHellas, our diving experience in Greece exceeded all expectations. The memories we made exploring the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine ecosystems will stay with us forever. We’re already planning our next adventure with them!

Sarah C.
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