Amorgos Island is located on the southeastern edge of the Cyclades. Its mountains, its impressive rock slopes, the mountain slopes where plants are cultivated, its steep coasts in the south side and the scenic bays with their beautiful beaches compose Amorgos landscape. The well-known cult-movie and free diving drama, directed by Luc Besson, was partly produced on Amorgos Island in 1988. Production places were Chora, Agia Anna beach and Kalotaritissa bay.

The stunning widescreen cinematography and intense, varied score by his regular composer, Eric Serra, give the film a unique flavor and an eerie resonance. Le Grand Bleu was the most financially successful French film of the 1980s and French tourists came to Amorgos to look for the unforgettable locations known from the movie.

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Transfer from the Port to the hotel for check in.

Welcome drink at the hotel for a short briefing about the program


Walk to the beach for two morning shallow dives at Aegiali Bay and Agios Pavlos dive sites. NAMED THE “CARIBBEAN FINGER” due to its shape, it’s one of the most loved beaches on the island but also a great place for snorkeling and to experience your first dive.
The seabed is made out of skirts that lower and rise up in different levels, still staying withing shallow depth. It mainly consists out of sand and Neptune grass (Posidonia Oceana), creating a very interesting landscape.Here we usually spot cuttlefishes swimming along in groups and very curious fishes like rainbow wrasse. The floor is dotted with very large black sponges, and other treasures like mermaids cups and octopus’s gardens.Two beautiful sandy beaches, perfect places to enjoy your dive. A small reef with turquoise color and perfect visibility that offers a broad range of marine life. The floor is dotted with very large black sponges, and other treasures like mermaids’ cups and octopus’s gardens.


Two morning dives. A MIND BLOWING DIVE  at Deep Blue Wall after a short boat ride to the western tip of the Island of Nikouria. This deep wall dive is truly fascinating with a stunning cavern at around 25 meters! It is the closest experience to skydiving you can get in the sea. Begin the dive with a treat, you will spot a large amphora, lying on the skirt of the wall. It is remains from one of the ships that sank during “the battle of Amorgos” in 322 BC.  The depth stretches down to an approximate of 60 meters. giving the absolute sensation of weightlessness.If you pay extra attention you might spot one stingray or two dancing around at the bottom of the sea or passing barracuda and tuna. At the depth of 25 meters the wall opens up into a large but very shallow cave with high walls where divers can safely enter and enjoy the experience of it.

The second dive under the Old bauxite mines of Amorgos on the east side of the island, you will find a unique dive site that bears witness to the once bustling mines.
After a steep drop off there is a plateau at 18 metres where you can see parts of the equipment used to load the mined bauxite to different cargo ships. Parts of old steel wagons with their wheels still attached and pieces of the tracks on which they were pushed can be found on several points along this dive site.
Continuing to the north by keeping the reef on the left side, you will see several rock formations creating gentle slopes interspersed with dramatic walls.


Walk to the beach for two dives. The first one is a FANTASTIC WRECK DIVE Manina 3rd Wreck just one hour boat ride, outside of the island of Kinaros, you will find the wreck of the cargo ship Manina 3. The ship sank a foggy night in March 1981. Fortunately nobody of the crew got injured and managed to get back to safety.Its overall length is 153.9 meters with a width of 19.4 meters.The top of the ship is visible from above the water and the top deck is at a maximum depth of 15 meters. For those more advanced they can penetrate the cargo holds and dive down to the impressive propeller at 30+ metres.Now Manina 3 has become a artificial reef, giving a new home for different fish species, sponges and corals! The wreck of the cargo ship Manina 3rd has become an artificial reef, giving home to different fish species, sponges and corals. The wall dive is special for its abundant fish life and has a stunning arched swim-through, which feeds the day light down to you as you pass below.

Second dive at Limeneraki Wall. A HIDDEN BAY only 5 minutes from the port of Aegiali. The site is a beautiful natural harbor. This wall dive is special for its abundant fish life, specially the beautiful Damsel fish, which you usually see in larger schools.As you walk in from the shore, which quite quickly drops down, the small animal life begins: spiral worms, damsel fish and sea bream are all around you. As you venture deeper the wall is very impressive filled with holes and small caverns covered in sponges (especially the black sponges) and corals.
The pockets of the wall are hiding places for different micro marine life such as our favorite nudibranch Spotted Doris and spiral worms. The wall has a stunning arched swim-through at around 10 meters which feeds the day light down to you as you pass below.


Walk to the beach for two morning dives at Nikouria Wall and Nikouria Cavern dive sites. The wall gently slopes downwards to 50 meters of depth right after the cave in the same Island of Nikouria. Its exposure to the south ensures the marine life has daylong sunshine, which lights up the wall like a huge canvas of abstract art.

OUR OWN LITTLE PEARL among our dive sites, Nikouria’s Cavern is probably the most popular one if you ask our customers!The location is an open cavern which gives the possibility for divers of all levels to enjoy the beauty of it. When inside you will experience a true color explosion. The walls are completely covered with bright purple, red and yellow sponges, diverse corals, micro marine life and large spiral worms. On the bottom you will find a swim through, here we usually spot lobsters hiding in the wall and bigger scorpion fish. The cavern’s shape creates a spectacular landscape towards the blueness of the open sea. On the way back, we also explore the pockets of the wall where a huge meadow of Neptune grass (indicating how clean our waters are) is home to fan mussels, nudibranchs, pipe fish and much more.


Walk to the beach for two morning dives at Gramvonissi Island and Small Sparti caves sites.
Gramvonissi Island is accessible for all levels. Beautiful lunar landscape, numerous small caves covered in corals and a drop off to approx. 35 meters of depth.

Small Sparti Caves, which entrance is at 18 meters of depth, offers the opportunity to swim through a narrow passage created by fallen rocks. The colors of the various soft corals on the walls and the ceiling in combination with the rays of sunlight that reach the cavern will definitely impress even the most demanding diver. Exiting the cavern you will find on both sides a breathtaking wall with a small ledge at around 35 meters before another drop, this time to the infinite blue. On the face of the wall there are many overhangs and little holes to explore at various depths.


No Dive – Decompression Day & Departure.


-6 nights at Askas Pension in dbl room with breakfast
-10 Dives (2 per day). Tanks & weights included.
-Transfers from/to the Port of Amorgos*
-All dives are guided by Scuba Hellas expert divers and Associates.
-All rates are quoted for a minimum of 8 pax in dbl sharing rooms
Please note that you can upgrade your accommodation by choosing the Lakki Village Hotel
*NOTE: Both hotel options are located in walking distance from the Dive center

* Itineraries and scheduled dives are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including weather and sea conditions.