Attica or the Attic peninsula, is a historical region that encompasses the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. It is a peninsula projecting into the Aegean Sea, bordering on Boeotia to the north and Megaris to the west. The southern tip of the peninsula, known as Laurion, was an important mining region.

The history of Attica is tightly linked with that of Athens, and specifically the Golden Age of Athens during the classical period. Ancient Attica (Athens city-state) was divided into municipalities from the reform of Cleisthenes in 508/7 BC, grouped into three zones: urban in the region of Athens main city and Piraeus (port of Athens), coastal along the coastline and inland in the interior.

The modern administrative region of Attica is more extensive than the historical region and includes Megaris as part of the regional unit West Attica, and the Saronic Islands and Cythera, as well as the municipality of Troizinia on the Peloponnesian mainland, as the regional unit Islands.

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Two morning dives. The first one is at the wreck of Kyra Leni. A cargo ship which is cut in half. It is located at the north-west axis, the part of the stern is in a upright position with a left inclination while the rest part of the bow is located with its left side in the sea bottom. Its maximum depth is 30 meters and the minimum depth almost 18 meters.

Second dive is one of the deadliest ever shipwrecks in history, SS Oria. The ship ran aground at a deserted island called Gaidouronissi, Patroklos, close to cape Sounio at the southern tip of Attica. The wreck lays at a depth of 30 – 40 meters.


Two morning dives at the ship wreck of Portugal and Piper Airplane wreck.

The first dive is at the Portugal cargo ship which crashed into the reef of Trypiti (north-west of Makronissos) and sank in two pieces.
The remnants of the ship lie on a sloping bottom of 24 to 32 meters, about two hundred meters west of Macronissos. Propeller, axle and engine have been removed from the wreck. The bow is facing north, offering an excellent dive spot.

The second dive is at the Piper airplane which crashed to the sea at the island of Makronissos after the pilot reported engine failure, and proceeded to make an emergency landing. The plane is resting on the bottom at a depth of about 18 meters leaning on the side of the reef near the shore, in an area protected from currents and waves.


Two morning dives at the Steam boat Patris. Preserved in excellent condition, this shipwreck is impressive. Patris (meaning homeland), a paddle steamer of exceptional shipbuilding design for its time, lies sunken off the southwestern part of Kea, a Cyclades island. Following a misjudgment by the captain on February 28, 1868, the boat slammed onto the reef at the island’s Koundouros bay. Diving here reveals one of the world’s most impressive shipwrecks. The steamer has been cut into two. The two pieces lie within short distance of each other. One part of the boat sits in shallow water 18 meters and is easily accessible. Its other part, sitting deeper, at 35 meters, demands greater diving experience. While exploring the boat, you can also explore the marine life above the reef.


Two morning dives at the cargo ship “Avantis III”, which was a cargo ship with a length of 80 meters and a total capacity of 2.362 tones. It was constructed in 1977 in Norway and its first name was “Akershus”. It sank on the 19th of  November 2004 in the morning, just in 20 minutes, after crashing into the rocks of “Doroussa” islet, under good weather conditions. The ship had a cargo of construction materials and it was travelling from Mesolongi to Cyprus.

This recent wreck can be seen by Open Water divers since it begins at 15 meters, but it is needed to be at least Advanced to see the wreck completely. The wreck is intact, with many objects that were on board to be seen. It lies on a sandy bed from 15 meters to 45 meters approx.


No Dive-Decompression day. Departure.


● 5 nights at Calypso Hotel in dbl sharing room with breakfast. Website:
● 8 Boat Dives (2 per day) tanks & weights included.
● Dive sites: Cargo Ship wrecks, Paddle steam Ship wreck, airplane wreck.
● All dives are guided by expert divers & partners.
● *All rates are quoted for a minimum of 8 pax in dbl sharing rooms.
● *Itineraries and scheduled dives are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including weather and sea conditions.

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