in boot 2015 along with 14 selected dive centers from all around Greece presented for first time in boot 2015, a complete picture of the local diving market.

At stand, visitors had the opportunity to discover everything about the new diving destination, a destination that offers countless options.

Even though Greece is widely recognized as a holiday destination that offers a unique summer experience, very few are aware that they can design a dive trip with high standards both in terms of provided services, and in terms of unforgettable dive sites.
Greece has good tourism infrastructure and a long tradition in hospitality. Also, Greece has the longest coastline in Europe, 3.000 islands, 240 of them inhabited, more than 200 dive centers, offering more than 2.000 dive sites, 150 known and accessible shipwrecks, countless caves and all these with very clear (underwater visibility exceeds 30 meters) and relatively warm waters (20° – 28°). Greece is located three hours flight away from most European cities, offers security and stability and has the same currency.
All these elements compose a unique diving destination for Europe.

“Greece can become the new scuba destination. We provide high quality services along with unique and unforgettable dive sites. Historical wrecks lie in shallow waters; caves and caverns with magnificent colors and breathtaking walls complete the diving canvas.

So while literally Greece has everything, here in boot, our aim was just to add our pin on the global diving map, and make the bridge for the 200 local dive centers with the European diving community”, said Mr. Avgerinos Vrazopoulos, founder of

During the 10-day show, offered packaged dive trips for 14 selected destinations, informed about highlights and provided details to more than 1.500 visitors accompanied with Greek raki (traditional local spirit), to warm up and give a small taste of summer and hospitality.