Two magnificent Caryatids were unearthed on Saturday 6, as the excavation in the tomb of Amphipolis, Greece, continues apace.

Only the upper part of their torso has been revealed so far, the face of the western Caryatid being preserved almost intact, while the other’s is missing. Carved in Thassian marble, the two sculptures are of exceptional artistry and resemble the Kore type of statues, while they are a century younger than the renowned Caryatids of Erechtheion in the Athenian Acropolis. Their hair fall upon their shoulders in rich curls, they wear earrings, are dressed in sleeved chitons and astoundingly preserve traces of red and blue colours.

Each Caryatid stretches an arm out in a symbolic gesture to deter intruders. Like the Sphinxes, the Caryatids guard a yet another entrance to the tomb and it is noteworthy that the space in front of them is sealed by a 4.5 meters wide wall, the second found after the wall that shielded the facade with the Sphinxes. Evidently, the builders of this unquestionably important monument made every effort to prevent entry into the tomb.

As to who was guarded by the Sphinxes and Caryatids, there’s still a long way to go before research attempts any answers, the archaeologists caution.

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