On the western side of the N.Aegean, on the center of the N. Sporades islands complex, you’ll find one of the less touristic and crowded islands, Alonnisos.

Most chances are it will captivate you with its unpretentious authenticity. Charming and pure, it creates the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday on a Greek island, filled with fascinating water activities.

If you’re looking for a quiet vacation, combined with great underwater experiences, you need to look no further! With the largest national marine park of Europe off its coasts, a lush green landscape in land and numerous pristine beaches with crystal clear water to lose yourselves in, there’s no better place to switch off and reconnect with nature.

Indicative package from 950€

Upon arrival 

Travel from Athens International Airport to Epidavros.

Distance: 150 km

Travel time: approx. 2 hours

*This is not included in the above mentioned price, but depending on the group size, can plan and organize the transfer to and from Epidavros.

Ikion Diving proposes one week of accommodation in one of the most beautiful niches of Alonnisos island, the unique and picturesque port of Steni Vala where its dive base is located –, full of diving activities, moments of deep relaxation and high culinary delights. With a direct flight from your country to the nearby island of Skiathos, you can scuba dive easily in the National Marine Park of Alonnisos Northern Sporades , the most important habitat in Europe for the Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus. And for those who would like to visit the 1st underwater museum in Greece a classical wreck from 5th century BC Peristera’s swipwreck is one of our dive destinations.

This offer is for both enthusiast scuba divers and those willing to become divers. To already certified divers we offer a great variety of Guided Dives like wreck dives, cavern dives, cliff dives, night dives in carefully chosen and unique dive spots, in order to experience amazing underwater seascapes. Worth mentioning that our dive package includes at least a guided dive on Peristera’s wreck, a well reputed diving destination known as the “Parthenon of Shipwrecks”. For those willing to get the most popular and accredited scuba certification, we provide everything they’ll need to complete the famous PADI Open Water Diver course , in order to learn how to dive safely and responsibly in open waters up to 18m depth. The duration of this course is min. 4 days.

Ikion Diving is located in the center of Alonnisos island right in the heart of the National Marine Park, well sheltered in the picturesque Marine Park, well sheltered in the picturesque port of Steni Vala port of Steni Vala ––the last step before the  uninhabited islands.

Having one 9m long wooden traditional “Kaiki’’, a smaller inflatable speedboat and a 9seat transfer van for the sea and land transportations, the center organizes guided boat dives, and a 9seat transfer van for the sea and land transportations, the center organizes guided boat dives, discover dives for beginners, certification courses for all PADI levels, as well as boat cruises for discover dives for beginners, certification courses for all PADI levels, as well as boat cruises for guided snorkeling tours in the National Marine Park. All diving and water activities are run under the supervision of experienced professional divers using reliable scuba equipment. Ikion Dive Center also gives high priority to actions supporting the protection of the local aquatic ecosystem and promoting environmental awareness.

Every one of the dive sites we visit lie within the perimeters of the National Marine Park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades. This area was the first marine
park established in Greece and is the largest marine protected area in Europe, measuring 2,260 square kilometers. The establishment of the marine park has allowed for the growth of diverse, healthy populations of marine life. During your visit and if you are lucky enough, you may even see the rare and protected Mediterranean Monk Seal either in the water or lounging on a calm and secluded beach. Since 2020, the first Underwater Museum in Greece has been open to Advance Open Water divers . The museum features a large commercial vessel that sank around 425 BC while carrying thousands of wine amphorae. It lies at a depth of 25 meters (80 feet) opposite Steni Vala port, off the islet of Peristera. Moreover there are 4 more pilot sites to be added to the list of accessible underwater museums featuring shipwrecks from different eras (clasical, elinistical, byzantine). All 5 archaeological sites lie to depths that can be visited ony by advanced certified divers (c.25 – 35m), escorted by the accredited professional dive guides.

Steni Vala is located at the southeast side of Alonnisos, approximately 10 kilometers from Patitiri, the main port. The route will overwhelm you as you pass through dense pine forests and superb olive groves. Descending towards Steni Vala cove through a mean-dering road you are amazed by the panoramic view of the cluster of the Marine park’s islands. Steni Vala’s unique virtues are the landscape’s tranquility, the deep blue sea water and the small scale but lively port with sailing boats from all over the world. The visitor may find traditional taverns with delicious local flavors, coffee shops, a mini market, all within an environment that maintains the island’s colors and authenticity.

The accommodation nearby to the dive center is in the 3* Hotel ‘’4Epoches’’, that embraces all the comforts. It has rooms with a view at the pool, as well as at the lush garden filled with Mediterranean and aromatic plants. Chances are that your visit will be very pleasant as the hotel’s rooms are convenient, very comfortable and decorated in a stylish way. You may enjoy a refreshing cocktail next to the pool, a variety of wines and exotic cocktails at the roof garden, with a unique view of the moon emerging from the opposite island of Peristera. With a view on the pool and the delicate smell of the garden you may enjoy a rich breakfast at the restaurant’s terrace.

The offer includes a 7-day stay (6 overnights) in the 3* Hotel 4Epoches, plus a diving package for which you can choose between 10 guided dives(for certified divers) or a PADI Open Water Diver certification course (for beginners). All rates below are per person in a double room (or bigger upon request) in Euro.


Ikion Diving, Steni Vala, Alonnisos island

01/05 –15/06  2024

Arrival & Departure transfer to Steni Vala, welcome drink & info meeting
7 nights in a double room with breakfast  at 3* Hotel 4 Epoches
10 Dives pack (includes guide, tanks & weights)  or
O.W.D.course (full scuba equipment included) 800€

Non diver sharing room with diver 350€

Extras and Supplements:
Supplement for triple room (in total) 105€

Full gear for certified divers (Per day) 15€

Dive computer (per day) 5€

eLearning Theory guide & Logbook for students 85€


● 6 nights at 4 epoches Hotel in dbl sharing room.
● 10 Boat Dives (2 per day) tanks & weights included.
● All dives are guided by expert divers & partners.
● *All rates are quoted for a minimum of 6 pax in dbl sharing rooms.
● *Itineraries and scheduled dives are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including weather and sea conditions.