Paros is a Greek island in the central Aegean Sea. One of the Cyclades island group, it lies to the west of Naxos, from which it is separated by a channel about 8 kilometres (5 miles) wide. It lies approximately 150 km (93 miles) south-east of Piraeus. The Municipality of Paros includes numerous uninhabited offshore islets totaling 196.308 square kilometres (75.795 sq mi) of land. Its nearest neighbor is the municipality of Antiparos, which lies to its southwest. In ancient Greece, the city-state of Paros was located on the island.

Historically, Paros was known for its fine white marble, which gave rise to the term “Parian” to describe marble or china of similar qualities. Today, abandoned marble quarries and mines can be found on the island, but Paros is primarily known as a popular tourist spot.

Indicative package from 796€


Arrival to the Island of Paros. Transfer from the Port to the hotel for check in.


Two morning dives at the East side of Drionissi Island where there is a small bay, calm and picturesque above water but also beautiful and colorful underwater. We called this site Aquarium because of the abundance of marine life and the feeling of being in a real aquarium.  Sand bottom to begin, a path through rock formations, exit on to a mini drop off and a field of Posidonia grass. We follow the rock slope at maximum 12 meters till 100 bar or about 25 minutes, then we turn around, ascend to about 9 meters and return along the slope, through the rock path and back to our boat.  One of those dives where you stop thinking, clear your mind and just enjoy being underwater.


Round trip transfer for two morning dives at Marianna Wreck and Makronisi island dive sites. Originally known as “Neils Maersk” and later renamed by its Greek ship owners, “Marianna” was a 91 meters cargo ship built in 1961 in Holland.  The wreck sunk in 1981 whilst traveling from the Red Sea to the Port of Piraeus when it hit Amaras rocks between the islands of Naxos and Paros. Makronisi island is located 5 minutes boat ride from the dive center.  A great dive which leads us through two little passages enjoying both sides of the underwater extension of the island. Huge boulders and colorful rocks on one side and gradual sloping wall full of little holes and hiding places for grouper, octopus, moray eels, with the chance to see turtles and barracuda. Maximum depth is 20 meters.


Round trip transfer for two morning dives at Prasonisi and the Canyons. Prasonisi is one of the most attractive dives on Paros. A small island located just 10 minutes boat ride north, in front of New Golden Beach. Beneath the surface is a small underwater paradise for each diver. The adventure starts as you leave the surface, diving between posidonia and rock formations, followed by larger boulders, small caverns, and a nice little wall, where lobsters and moray eels make their home. There are many interesting hosts, like barracudas and sea turtles, small fishes and groupers. It is recommended for all certification levels.


Round trip transfer for two morning dives at Beaufighter and Pyrgaki. This beautifully preserved WWII Bristol Beaufighter airplane was shot down in 1943 after having bombed the German airport in Paros. Both crew members managed to survive and with the help of the local resistance who contacted the British forces they were able to arrange a  submarine to take them back to their base in Cyprus. The wreck was found in 2007 after a lot of dives searching the sand bottom at 30 meters and gathering testimonies of local fisherman and inhabitants that saw what happened back in 1943. Pyrgaki is a spot which you are going to love. Huge rocks in shallow, protected water gives you an easy dive, with many interesting cracks and crevasses to explore! Swimming between the rocks and posidonia leads us to the end of the cape where we have a small ledge and drop down to 18 meters.


Round trip transfer for two morning dives at Panderonisi Cave and Trypiti. This dive is  for all certification levels. We begin the dive following a wall (18 meters for Open Water Divers, 30 meters for Advanced Divers and above).  We gradually ascend to 12 meters where we begin to see the massive entrance to the cave. We ascend to the surface inside the cave. The cave is large, the colors amazing, the stalactites magical and the calm of the cave is unforgettable. Located on the southernmost tip of Paros Island, Trypiti Pirate Wall is a fantastic dive.  There is a little inlet where we anchor the boat at 8 meters near 3 huge boulders, we follow the slope and rocks down to the point of the inlet.  There the sunlight shining through the water along the wall is truly magical.


No Dive-Decompression day. Departure.


– 6 nights at Louridis Studios in dbl room with breakfast. Website: http://paros-studios.gr/
– 10 Boat Dives (2 per day) tanks & weights included.
– Diving sites: Cargo boat wreck, caverns,reefs, walls, WWII sunken airplane.
– All dives are guided by scubahellas.com expert divers & partners.
– All rates are quoted for a minimum of 8 pax in dbl sharing rooms.
– Round trip transfers from/to the Port of Paros.
– The dive center is located inside the Louridis Studios complex.

*Itineraries and scheduled dives are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including weather and sea conditions.

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Inside the Louridis studios complex, the windsurfing school guarantees quality and safety. Windsurfing teaching programs are designed for beginners to advanced windsurfers.
Their experienced and qualified instructors can take you from your first ride to advanced jumps and tricks. They will help you choose the best windsurfing program that suits your goals and level.
If you are already an advanced windsurfer you can rent your equipment and enjoy the perfect wind conditions.

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