Hellenic Seas host a large number of different species and constitute an important marine ecosystem area within the Mediterranean Sea.

From the total of 14 species of marine mammals observed, nine of them live permanently in the Greek Seas.

  • The Corinthian Gulf is a setting for the unique phenomenon of symbiosis between three different dolphin species
  •  The Hellenic Trench is the most important area for sperm whales in the Mediterranea

The monk seal,Monachus monachus, one of the rarest species on the planet, has half of its global population living in the Greek seas. Caretta-Caretta sea turtle is the only species of Mediterranean sea-turtles that nests in Greece.

Blue Shark, Swordfish, Octopus, Mediterranean moray (Σμέρνα), Hippocampus are a few more interesting chaps you might come across your dive

Source: Marine Mammals Species

Saltwater Fish and Sea Animals of Crete and Greece

 35 species of sharks living in the Greek seas: