More diver discoveries in Greece

Three shipwrecks spanning eras from the pre-Christian to mediaeval have been discovered off the small Aegean island of Kasos, according to Greece’s Ministry of Culture [...]

Top 5 Dive Sites in Corfu

If you’re planning a diving trip to Greece, then make sure you don’t miss out the Island of Corfu. Corfu is the second largest Island [...]

Vintage Diving – Back to our roots.

Alexandros Malagaris: First dive with a TF12 diving helmet. Interview by Konstantinos Margetis. For centuries, humans dreamt of being able to “breathe” underwater and looked [...]

World’s oldest shipwreck

Found in Mediterranean close to Antalya by Hakan Oniz and his team A ship dating back some 3,600 years has been found off Turkey’s Mediterranean [...]

The five: underwater discoveries

From high in the Andes to the world’s oldest submerged city, here are five significant discoveries in subaquatic archaeology. Lake Titicaca On 1 April, a [...]

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