The five: underwater discoveries

From high in the Andes to the world’s oldest submerged city, here are five significant discoveries in subaquatic archaeology. Lake Titicaca On 1 April, a [...]

Oh My Greece! | Unlock the Feeling

Imagine hearing a song that instantly reminds you of being in Greece. All those holiday memories sweeping in like waves on an Aegean beach… The [...]

Dive in the big blue of Naxos

Naxos is a beautiful island of the Aegean Sea, which is an ideal destination for both dedicated dive trips or either for family holidays. Divers [...]

Explore the big blue of Paros

Paros is a beautiful island of the Aegean Sea that provides unlimited dive sites for all levels of divers, all around the island. Divers can [...]

Top Holiday Destinations for 2019

THE PELOPONNESE, GREECE A go-slow corner of the Mediterranean While the starriest Greek islands – such as Santorini and Mykonos – grapple with over-tourism, forward-thinking visitors are [...]

Ancient shipwrecks in Fourni archipelago

From September 7th to 29th, the fourth period of the archaeological research of the Ephorate of Old Antiquities was completed in the Fourni Archipelago, which [...]

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