Exosuit Dives Antikythera!

The team created history today, with Ed O’Brien from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution being the first person to dive (pilot) the Exosuit in the deep [...]

New World Record

In the early hours of September 18, 2014, Gabr, 43, plunged into the depths of the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, off the [...]

High-tech Dives on an Ancient Wreck

Archaeologists return to Antikythera with advanced ocean technology When sponge divers first chanced upon the shipwreck off the Greek isle of Antikythera in 1900, they [...]

The Exosuit Comes Aboard

Cutting-edge diving apparatus gets first archaeological mission One of the ocean’s least studied places is actually the realm between 200 and 500 feet deep. This [...]

Hellas New Scuba Destination

Hellas is one of the newest destinations in the scuba diving family and this is so, for very good reasons:  Diving - until 2006 - [...]


Could this dive just turn into an archaeological adventure? Hellas is the new place, for your next scuba diving experience: Whether it is about the sheer [...]


Known for the clear waters & the excellent visibility, which at times can reach 50m, Cavern Diving in Hellas is a unique experience of diving!


Over 1.000 known wrecks rest in the Hellenic archipelago which  has more than 3000 islands, not all of them inhabited. Hellas is a relatively new country to dive in [...]

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