Shipwrecks and marine sites of historic significance will take “center stage” in the first underwater park to be created in the waters surrounding the Greek island of Evia, local authorities said on Wednesday.


Culture Minister Aristides Baltas, Attica Prefect Rena Dourou and the mayors of Lavreotiki and Marathon, Dimitris Loukas and Ilias Psinakis, presented plans for the creation of a diving park that will include 26 shipwrecks as well as the Styra isles, Kavalliani and Almyropotamos Bay, Petalioi isles, Portolafia Evia – Akio island, Makronissos and Laureotiki – all located in the South Euboean Bay.


According to the culture ministry all relevant paperwork is currently underway for the project to proceed. Authorities expressed their hopes that the marine park will boost the national and local economies, contribute to tourism development, promote marine monuments and create new jobs.

“This is both a challenge and an opportunity: a challenge because our country can and must secure its reputation as a world diving destination, and an opportunity as it will contribute to the national economy,” Ms Dourou said.