If you’re planning a diving trip to Greece, then make sure you don’t miss out the Island of Corfu. Corfu is the second largest Island of the Ionian Islands and is surrounded by a number of smaller islands. This enchanting island is one of a kind, with so much to explore both on land and under the water, this is definitely not a Greek Island to be missed off your adventure list. Here are the top 5 dive sites that you must visit when traveling to Corfu.


Colovri is swarming with beautifully colored Anthias.

Colovri is by far the most famous dive site that Corfu has to offer. It is a 2,000sq meter island that is surrounded by an incredible maze of boulders, crevices, swim-throughs and so much more. This area is known for the schools of beautiful Anthia, Shrimp, Barracuda, Moray Eels and a host of other reef fish and critters. As you swim to the edge of this magnificent reef you’ll be met with a steep drop off that goes down into the abyss. This dive site is truly awe-inspiring. Maximum depth at this location is 40m however, if you’re a newbie then there is plenty to see and experience up in the shallows.

The Caves

With a maximum depth of approximately 23m, this dive site is home to two caves, one of which is perfect for penetration. The other cave is the ideal place for non-divers to explore from the surface. When exploring this dive site you’ll find a tunnel that stretches for 20m in length that opens up to these enormous caves. If you’re a certified cave diver or advanced diver, this dive site is a paradise for you. With excellent visibility, this is not a dive site to be missed.

House Reef

This is a colorful dive site that is teaming with beautiful marine life. House Reef is protected from strong currents, which means it is open to pretty much all levels of confident divers. If you’re not a confident diver, there is so much to see between 2 to 20m, however for the more advanced divers, this dive site offers an opportunity to go deeper, down to 40m, after the second plateau covered in stunning soft coral and heaving with reef critters.


The monastery is home to magnificent Octopi.

Monastery dive site is found 100m off the coast of Corfu and is an amazing spot for all the budding naturalists out there. You’ll find an array of marine life including Octopus, Shrimp, Crayfish and Blue Comber. The monastery is a renowned dive site for its incredibly vibrant colors and its caves. One of the best caves to dive has its entrance at 3m below the surface and is open roofed. Slightly deeper, situated 22m under the surface is a second cave that is teaming with colors and life. This dive site has a maximum depth of 25m with excellent visibility; this is not a dive site to be missed.

Hole of Ha

Corfu is known for its excellent Cavern Diving.

This magnificent dive site is what makes Corfu the cavern diving capital of the world. Hole of Ha is an easy cavern dive that goes inside a mountain. It has no roof, which means when you look upwards, you can see the trees that surround the hole in the mountain. The colors created by the sun hitting and streaming through the water will make this dive memorable. If you have the diving capabilities, located 25m below the surface is a chamber, you begin by entering a narrow passageway at 18m, which opens up into the rocky area, with light streaming in from above. This is an incredible dive site so make sure it’s on your list.

Source & Photos: Jennifer Palmer -Deeperblue