The municipality of Alonissos decided to announce this original idea on Valentine’s Day.

Since February 14, 2022, the real paradise of Sporades has officially announced the possibility of holding underwater weddings and engagements here. With the slogan: “Alonissos, I love you very much!” (“Alonissos, I Love You Deeply!”) a video call was made from a group of divers and the mayor of Alonissos, who said they could now hold weddings and ceremonies “under the sea”.

The diving team also included the president of the Tourism Committee, Maria Agallu, who recorded the first underwater marriage proposal made on the island.

“Together with the first underwater museum in Greece and other great dive sites in recent years we have made diving in Alonissos a part of our lifestyle. An underwater wedding on our island is a great way to exchange vows all year round, it does not require any special skills and knowledge from the couple, nor unreasonable costs.

On Valentine’s Day, we invite all lovers to get married under water and start a new life together!” said the mayor of the island, Petros Vafinis.

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