On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, the Hellenic Institute of Maritime History (HELINIS) organized in the auditorium of the War Museum of Athens an event about the British submarine HMS TRIUMPH, the traces of which disappeared 81 years ago in the Aegean and which recently, after many years of research, diver Kostas Thoktaridis and his team, located it at a depth of 203 meters.

The speakers, Kostas Thoktaridis, Rena Giatropoulou, Captain G. Maragoudakis PN and Vice-Captain (E) S. Vougidis PN through unique audio-visual material created a virtual tour to identify the class of British submarines T-Class, the operational action of HMS TRIUMPH, the last war patrol in the Aegean in 1942 in which the submarine sank with a crew of 64, the archival research that led to the discovery of the wreck, the filming operation and the reaction to the news of its discovery by the foreign press and also by the relatives of the men of the legendary submarine.

The attendees watched the presentations with great interest, seeing the multi-dimensional and unique in naval history of the submarine, which is connected to the national resistance and the British secret services that operated in the occupation by organizing dangerous missions.

At the start of the event coordinated by Aris Kathreptas, General Secretary of EL.I.NIS. the President of EL.I.NIS. Mr. Konstantinos Mazarakis – Ainian addressed the audience and referred to the tragic event of the recent losses of the Greek humanitarian mission in Libya, challenging the audience to observe a minute of silence in their memory.

EL.I.NIS. warmly thanked the speakers and all those who honored it with their presence at the event

Διεξαγωγή εκδήλωσης του ΕΛ.Ι.Ν.ΙΣ. για την ανεύρεση του ναυαγίου του HMS TRIUMPΗ – Ελληνικό Ινστιτούτο Ναυτικής Ιστορίας (ΕΛ.Ι.Ν.ΙΣ) (elinis.gr)