It is located at a depth of 222 meters and dates from the late 5th to the middle of the 4th c. e.g.

A rare shipwreck of the classical years was brought to light by the seabed surveys carried out by the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (IETO) in Kythira, in the context of the works of the Crete-Peloponnese electrical interconnection.

According to the preliminary results of the research conducted by the Ephorate of Marine Antiquities and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, the shipwreck which was located at a depth of 222 meters dates from the late 5th to the middle of the 4th a.d.

Amphoras originating from Corfu, Skopelos and Chios were identified in the cargo of the sunken ship, a fact that indicates a developed commercial activity in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.

The completion of the 3D rendering of the wreck, which is in progress, is expected to give an even clearer picture of the size of the ship and the volume of its cargo.

In order for the findings of the archaeological treasure to be highlighted and utilized in the best way for the benefit of society as a whole, IETO has announced its intention to support possible initiatives to collect or expose the findings at the discretion of the authorities.